The Importance Of A Well-Designed Business Website

In the 1990s, simply having a website (even if it consisted of just one or two static pages) was enough to make your company look tech savvy.

As internet access became more commonplace, websites became a must-have item for all businesses. Those who previously hadn’t even used a computer in their day to day business suddenly realised that this was a development they couldn’t ignore if they hoped to survive.

Being Online Isn’t Enough

Now that websites are a necessity rather than a novelty, consumers expect to be able to do certain things online. They want to be able to browse the list of products you have in stock, check prices, book appointments, make reservations, ask for help and manage their loyalty card accounts. If they can’t do this, they feel let down.

If you do have certain features on your site – such as auto email response or a bookings calendar, it is important to check them regularly to make sure they work properly. If a customer can’t make a booking they are more likely simply to move on than to email to let you know there’s a problem.

If features are available, but the website only works on a customer’s desktop and not their mobile device, then they’ll blame your website, not their phone.

Websites That Impress

When planning a website, you need to regard it as you would any other part of your business. No business owner would willingly exclude a large percentage of their target audience by reducing their opening hours or making their premises inaccessible to those with disabilities, so why would you make a website that is difficult to access on the fastest growing platform in the world today?

A good website has several qualities, including:

• Fast loading times
• Good cross-browser compatibility
• A flexible design that works with custom stylesheets (for disabled web users)
• Easy navigation
• Good on-site SEO
• Designed with security in mind
• Easy for you to add new content
• A professional looking layout

If your website hasn’t been updated in a long time, there’s a good chance that it’s lacking in at least one of these areas. Many older websites look good and are well-designed from an SEO point of view, but they are based on static HTML, which means that they are time consuming for a professional to update and difficult for anyone who is not a web designer to manage. Modern websites use sophisticated Content Management Systems (CMS) that make it possible for you to add new content to your website without having to access the code directly.

In the long term, updating your site to use CMS will save you a lot of time and money and impress your customers because they get more frequent updates from you.

A good website is much more than just a billboard. It provides your customers with direct access to your brand or services. If you use that connection wisely, you can turn your customers into your strongest social media advocates.

Working with expert web designers from will make the whole website building process easier for you. Whether you’re looking for a shopping cart, a blog, or a platform to provide tech support, they will be able to implement your ideas effectively.

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