Five Ways To Give Your Party That Extra Edge

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or getting married, hosting a new year’s party or having a leaving do, you’ll want to make sure that everyone has a great time if you’re throwing a bash. There are a few key elements which will help to make having a party a fun and stress-free experience, so follow our top tips to give your party that extra edge and ensure that everyone, including you, has a fabulous time.

1.Have a theme

Fancy dress parties are always fun, but simply having a theme can make it easier to plan your party and will give guests an idea of what to expect. From the decor to music, food and drinks basing your party around one key theme can help to bring everything together and will also help your guests to decide on the all-important outfit for your do.


A great selection of drinks is key to making your party swing. You don’t have to provide alcohol (though it’s often a welcome addition!), but why not create your own fruit punches and cocktails to keep things interesting? Ask your guests to bring a bottle to ensure that you have enough refreshments to go around and to give your drinks menu a bit of variety without breaking the bank. Hiring a licensed bar is a great alternative for large-scale parties and gatherings.


A sure-fire way to make any party go with a bang; fireworks are an easy way to add some excitement to any gathering. Whatever the occasion, from birthdays and weddings to graduation ceremonies or even New Year, a firework display is fun for young and old people alike. Fireworks come in all colours and many different shapes and sizes, from large shot cakes and rockets to elegant shooting stars and fountains, so why not get a selection pack to wow your guests.


Cracking music is a party essential. You don’t have to have a professional DJ to get a great playlist for your party. You can simply use your computer or mp3 player plan to create a playlist that suits your tastes. If you follow our top tip and choose a theme for your party, it’s a good idea to pick music to match. To liven things up even more, why not add some karaoke tracks into the mix and get your guests to provide the entertainment?

5.A dance floor

Unless you’re planning a dinner party or a murder mystery party, you can bet that at least some of your guests will want to throw shapes on the dance floor. Dancing is a great way to get people together, so even if the people you’ve invited didn’t know each other beforehand, they’ll soon gel once they get into the groove.

Whatever you’re celebrating, make sure you relax and get time to talk to your guests, so that your party is as fun for you as it will be for your guests!

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