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Amazing and low cost volunteering overseas in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Nepal


Learn about another culture, about yourself. Gain international experience. Use your skills to help people. Volunteer in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal!

Openmind Projects is recognized by

the winner volunteer abroad organization

Why Volunteer Overseas with Openmind Projects?

Because some 70 grassroots projects rely on Openmind Projects and overseas volunteers! Learn more...

openmind volunteer projects abroad

Why Openmind Projects

You help local people help local people. Start with our unique activity based Volunteer & Cross Cultural Training

Getting into the real and amazing Indochina, off the beaten tracks at low cost, affordable volunteer fees. We can arrange for volunteering for everyone in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal because we are local and know local needs and conditions!

Gap Year Overseas, Career Break , Retired Seniors, Families and Groups

Genuine Grass Roots Volunteer Projects

MANY volunteer opportunities in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal
Teach English in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Nepal

Teach IT. Computer and internet training
Eco Volunteer. Eco-Tourism, Community development and Conservation
Child and Health Care

Eco Volunteer in Laos

Discover yourself. learn for life. volunteer overseas

Volunteering overseas. A fast track to personal development! Working with local people, discovering other cultures, testing your limits, connecting with people and building lifelong friendships!

volunteer in several projects in thailand, Laos, cambodia or nepal

Choose among over 60 amazing aid and volunteer opportunities. Projects supported by us in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal,
When you apply we'll suggest a suitable volunteer placement for you!

trekking, diving and teaching in Thailand

Ecotourism / Conservation Volunteer abroad

Community Based Eco Tourism and Wildlife Conservation Projects. Local initiatives to save nature and wildlife that benefit local communities!

Qualified volunteers go Scuba Diving during the dive season, October- April, to help in survey and cleaning up work.

Our very special Training Center in Thailand
Openmind Projects Training Center in Nong Khai
Activity based training at our Center in Thailand. Overseas volunteers work with our trainees from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Burma. They are sponsored by Openmind Projects.

Watch this VDO about our Volunteer Training

Retired volunteer teach EnglishVolunteers from all walks of life in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal
Open-minded volunteers of all ages and nationalities are welcome!

Volunteer teach English at school holiday camp
Students, on a gap year or gap month
Professionals, on a career break, sabbatical overseas
Retired volunteers, looking for meaningful volunteering overseas
Families, groups, couples
Volunteer's learn about daily life in Thai culture
CHOOSE the Volunteer Period that suits you
Our overseas volunteers can come for periods from two weeks and any time of the year.


Why volunteer with Openmind Projects in Thailand, Laos, cambodia or nepal

Asia is our home and so our specialty!
Read about how we set up an initiative to help poor children in Thailand: "Openmind Projects of Southeast Asia: Learning for life, nature and future." (Horizon Solutions Site, Yale University).

Our first website, www.itinisan.org, 2001, about our first projects. It was designed by a self taught Toto, the son of poor rice farmers and co-founder of Openmind Projects that was invited to Sweden in 2008 as a finalist in the Stockholm Challenge 'ICT for Development'.

Make Your volunteer money count

Why pay $60-90/€50-75 per day—the rates major European and US volunteer organizations charge—when you can pay $22/€17 per day with Openmind Projects in Thailand for a two month placement? We offer affordable and value for the money volunteer overseas fees that don't empty your pockets! And they include three extra days of extremely useful cross cultural volunteer training before you start. You have two volunteering overseas options: Volunteer Fees and what you get for your money

Why Volunteer Overseas with Openmind Projects in Thailand and Southeast Asia

Our fee of $22/€17 per day is about 700 Thai baht. On your own you can get a room in a guesthouse in Thailand for 400-700 baht per day. As an Openmind volunteer you also get a volunteer placement, meals, other volunteer support, handbooks and volunteer training!

With Openmind Projects your fee goes entirely to fund our local work and projects in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal! It doesn't go to salaries, offices, advertising or other administrative costs overseas in the U.S., Europe, Australia, or elsewhere.

You can save money with our Early Bird Special! Book early and Apply for affordable volunteering overseas.


our unique, activity based Volunteer & Cross culture Training in thailand

Volunteer Cross Culture Training

Learn to swim in the water! Not on land. Activity based training by doing. Our acclaimed 3 days Volunteer&Cross Cultural Training in Thailand has helped numerous overseas volunteers over the years to prepare for success. Our focu is on important cross cultural and volunteer overseas skills! We send you extensive Online Volunteer Overseas Handbooks online before you leave home!

Read our Volunteers Overseas Testimonials. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbT_XDT-ui4 Watch this VDO with Katy and Amanda from Give Getaway

Volunteer teach English camp

Innovative Learning and teaching ideas

Teach in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Nepal the fun and different way. Learning by Doing! Activity Based Learning. Openmind Projects pioneering the learning of the future. Read about our Innovative Learning and Teaching Ideas.


some volunteer placements  in thailand, laos, cambodia and Nepal

Teach English at a temple school

Teach novices at a Buddhist temple

Teach children in a small rice farming village

Teach Muslim children on an island on the Andaman Sea

Support community based eco tourism

Teach teens to use IT, computers and the internet

Help to improve local health care and child care

Volunteer in health care abroad

volunteer Opportunities in thailand, laos, cambodiai and nepal

When you volunteer with Openmind Projects we can arrange a volunteer placement for you in:

Eco Tourism and Conservation

Child and Health Care

Teaching English

Teach IT and Computer Skills

Apply to Volunteer Overseas for a volunteer placement in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Nepal, based on your special skills and preferences.

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